Thermetic Medical

Technologies & capabilities for Neurovascular intervention Coil application– world class excellence in Medical and Fastest Growing Segment.

Electrical / Medical Coils


Thermetic Medical has over 50 years of combined coil winding experience with automated and semi-automated coil winding equipment.

We have the expertise to manufacture products to your specific needs.


Coil diameter as small as .006" (.15mm)

Coil diameter

Multi Strand

Coil Multi Strand

Single Strand

Coil Single Strand - Example 1
Coil Single Strand - Example 2

Multiple Diameters

Coil Multiple Diameter - Example 1
Coil Multiple Diameter - Example 2

Variable Pitch / Variable Stiffness (droop)

Coil Variable Pitch / Stiffness - Example 1
Coil Variable Pitch / Stiffness - Example 2

Overall length up to 100" (2500mm)
*maximum length depends on the coil design


- Nichrome 80
- Nickel Alloy 120 (Balco)
- 304V SS
- MP35N
- Precious Metals: Pt/Ir, Pt/W


- Heating Elements
- Electrical Leads
- Aneurysm Coils
- Torque Coils